This site is tracking court filings in New Mexico–updated at least twice a month–with the goal to analyze the filings to get eviction numbers. The data for this project is culled from the New Mexico Magistrate Courts and the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court. You can see where these courts fit in the structure of the New Mexico Judiciary in the chart below.

NM Judiciary Structure

From the courts above, cases filed under “Civil” that are not “General Civil” are included in the culling. A diagram of case categories is below where blue lines indicate inclusion in the data set and red lines indicate exclusion from the data set. [Note: at this time “Interpleader, etc.” is included in the data set until I can determine there are no cases included in this category that relate to evictions.]

Case Category Structure

Cases from the categories above are scraped from the New Mexico Secured Odyssey Public Access (SOPA) site for data from the case’s Registry of Actions, as seen in the image below.

Registry of Actions